Profiles in Home Ownership: Meet CPAH Families Living in Affordable Housing

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Dec 21, 2020 - 5 min read

Profiles in Home Ownership: Meet CPAH Families Living in Affordable Housing

Allow us to introduce you to a few of the neighbors! The people you’re about to meet all have one thing in common: the homes they own are all part of a community-wide affordable housing initiative run by Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH). We’re proud to have supported CPAH for more than a decades, by providing pro bono services for the drawing, design, and permitting of CPAH’s renovation projects in Evanston, Highland Park, Lake Forest, and soon, Wilmette.

And now, with last month’s announcement of the establishment of the Morgante Wilson Foundation, we’re able to further solidify our partnership with CPAH with even greater advocacy, outreach, and financial support.

You can read more about how affordable housing works, and the way the Morgante Wilson Foundation supports affordable housing efforts here. But for now, let’s meet some of the families who’ve been able to enjoy the life-altering experience of home ownership, right here on Chicago’s North Shore:

Evanston: Sherry and Charles

“We saved and searched for a home of our own but were struck by tragedy along the way: an accident leaving our son, Tory, disabled and unable to care for himself, and the loss of our youngest son in a swimming accident. When we learned about CPAH and saw our home, we were overwhelmed with hope. We knew that we would be comfortable, and we could manage our expenses. It is hard to describe the feeling of finally having a safe, permanent, affordable home of our own. While we will never get over the loss of our son, our home has given us a sense of peace, and the ability to move forward.”

Highland Park: Jackie, Rene, and Kayla

“Our daughter Kayla was born with cerebral palsy. After living in an apartment, though we tried hard to make ends meet, we soon couldn’t afford the apartment and had no choice but to return to live with our families. When I learned about the opportunity to live in a CPAH home, I was thrilled. The house was just the break we needed. Living in a house in Highland Park enabled Kayla to stay in the same school and continue to receive the special services she needs. Our CPAH home continues to provide us with the stability we need to be able to care for Kayla and our entire family.”

Lake Forest: Joe and Family

Having exceeded the period of eligibility for renting a house from the College, Joe, the Lake Forest College softball coach, was considering out-of-town positions as he simply could not afford housing in Lake Forest. When Joe learned that he qualified for a CPAH home, he was over the moon. It was a new chapter that allowed his family to remain near family and friends, and Joe to continue his work at the College.


The mission being supported by the Morgante Wilson Foundation, in partnership with Community Partners for Affordable Housing, is to create affordable homes in perpetuity based on Community Land Trust (CLT) principles, enabling individuals and families to be nurtured by a secure home in the Wilmette and North Suburban Chicago community.

The Morgante Wilson Foundation – and everyone at Morgante Wilson Architects – is proud to be able to help hard-working families find more than safe shelter. The life-changing stability provided by access to outstanding schools, enriching park district programs, exceptional libraries, and supportive communities results in a quality of life we believe everyone deserves. Just as everyone deserves a place to call home.


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