Everyone Should Have a Place to Call Home

We Can Help Change Lives for Generations

We started Morgante Wilson Architects (MWA) in 1987 with the goal of designing homes for people to introduce a welcome sense of ease into daily life. Through this journey of homebuilding, we’ve also come to learn that the security of having a safe space to call home is one that should be made genuinely affordable to all.

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Offer a 'Leg Up' to Those Who Cannot Otherwise Secure a Safe, Affordable Home

In 2020, we created the Morgante Wilson Foundation (MWF) to help affordable housing organizations, like Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) bring affordable housing to the northern suburbs of Chicago. MWF believes that thoughtful and affordable homes are the necessary foundation for people to grow and thrive and become part of a community.

Why Is the CLT Model Different?

We champion the Community Land Trust (CLT) model to create affordable housing in perpetuity for generations and provide the opportunity for low to moderate income households to build wealth through home ownership. MWF supports CPAH's Community Land Trust activities and development.

How We See Affordable Housing

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Morgante Wilson Foundation Partners

Thank you to our partners who have supported our efforts financially and through in-kind donations.